Increase policyholder loyalty

Weather Alerts for Insurance

What is it

Policyholders who are in the path of imminent weather events can get localized, personalize timely alerts with your own branding in SMS or email messages.

Who needs it

Marketing and policy holder relationship executives; finance executives


Opportunities for meaningful and actionable touch-points with policyholders beyond billing and claims cycles

Increase policyholder loyalty with Weather Alerts for Insurance Weather Alerts

Weather data provided by

blue weather

Get started quickly with no IT intervention needed

Choose weather types for the alerts

Upload your data

Track alerts activity over time

How does it work for you?


Five meaningful annual policyholder touchpoints increases retention by 6%


Avoiding covered damage rather than paying for claims increases average policyholder value and profitability

IT Leader

As-a-service delivery, easy configuration and simple integration into back-end systems mean painless deployment

Business Value Study: Cloudy with a chance of mishap

Learn how weather insights can help insurers manage risk and drive client value.

White Paper: Weather Means Business

Combining weather data with business and data from IoT-enabled devices can significantly impact enterprise decision-making for governments, insurers, retailers and utilities.

Podcast: Analytics and Weather Data Differentiates Insurers

Listen to the podcast to understand how advanced analytics combined with weather data is transforming the insurance industry.

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