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Know your audience to grow your audience

People Profiles

What is it

Provides a microsegmentation of your audience using data science, fueled by attributes from user-posted content and social conversations.

Who needs it

Marketers, advertisers, content managers, data science and analytics professionals


Understanding changes to audiences, attitudes, and reactions as they happen will help you add precision to your ad targeting, marketing spend, new audience identification, content development and loyalty programs

How does it work for you?

Marketing / Advertisers

Identify key topics and interests for audience micro-segments, which can be leveraged for smarter targeting in marketing and advertising campaigns.

Content Managers

Gauge sentiments and reaction to broadcasts and events, in order to tweak content for better audience engagement.

Data Science & Analytics Professionals

As-a-service delivery and simple integration into back-end systems mean more time spent on putting the insights into action.

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